Online ebook club wrap-up – Three crooked Kings

I didn’t grow up in Queensland and was only three years old when the Fitzgerald Inquiry took place so up until this year I had no idea of the extent of police corruption in the sunshine state from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. As such I was very keen to read Three crooked Kings by Matthew Condon.

The book is set in the time before Terry Lewis became Police Commissioner. It is centred more around the role that detectives Murphy and Hallahan and former police commissioner Bischof, played in the corruption. At this stage Lewis appeared to be on the outskirts, hidden away in the Juvenile Aid Bureau (JAB) . However, he was still involved in police corruption and  I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the sequel.

At first I found it difficult to remember all the different players, having no substantial background knowledge. This all became clear as the book continued. Condon presents characters that are unbelievable. At times I had to remember that Murphy, Hallahan and NSW officer Krahe were not criminals themselves but police officers, which only made their crimes more sickening. To think these people were in positions of power is a little horrifying. Overall the book was very interesting and I’d like to read the sequel, Jacks and Jokers.