The man who fell in love with the moon

The man who fell in love with the moon by Tom Spanbauer.

 Post by David from Southport Branch Library.

I love books that transport you to another time and place. And although I’m only halfway through this book, I’m savouring the journey. Set at the turn of the 20th century in a tiny town called Excellent in Idaho, this story is not your typical western. The main character, humorously called “Out in the Shed”, is an orphaned half-Native-American bisexual boy. He lives and works at a hotel/brothel with a loving surrogate family.  As he matures into a teenager, he gradually becomes a prostitute fulfilling hidden desires of drunken men “out in the shed”. I like the style of this book – Tom Spanbauer manages to almost create his own language and draws the reader in to his eccentric list of characters. In Shed’s own words, it is “a crazy story about crazy people told by a crazy.”