Keeping it real

This readers’ season we’re keeping it real with non-fiction books.

Whether you love reading about history, true crime, travel, cooking, craft or memoir, there’s a wealth of wonderful books available to feed your hungry brain.

How about a deal? Tell us about your favourites, and we’ll tell you about ours. In other words, it’s a feast of non-fiction from now until 20 October.

We kicked off the season early with an armchair travel event at Helensvale Branch Library last Thursday where we enjoyed a virtual tour of Edinburgh. On 2 October, 6pm – 7pm, we’re physically going to Elanora Branch Library to virtually travel to New York, then on 30 October, it’s back to Helensvale for a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon. Get some virtual air-miles under your belt with us.

Just after we wrap up the season here on book coasters, and perfect for all fans of non-fiction, is our annual After the Fact trivia night. It’s a fun-filled, fact-fuelled evening of trying to win the coveted title of Best Brains on the Coast. Want in? Join the fun at Robina Branch Library on Friday 24 October, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Get your quiz master muscles working with these ten terrific trivia teasers:

1. What is the filling wrapped in when making san choy bao?
2. In which country are you most likely to be greeted with the words “Kia ora”?
3. Breaker Morant was court-martialled and shot during which war?
4. What is the name of the train that famously travels from Paris to Istanbul?
5. Fondue is the national dish of which country?
6. What singer, born in Melbourne in 1968, was named the “most powerful celebrity in Britain” in 2010?
7. The statue of Christ the Redeemer watches over which South American city?
8. Los Angeles is California’s largest city. What is its capital?
9. Who was the second wife of Tudor King Henry VIII?
10. In which Australian state is Mount Ngungun?

How did you go, brainiacs? Tell us your (pre-Googling) score out of 10 in the comments, and share your non-fiction reading recommendations.