Cruising and cruise ships 2014

Cruising & cruise ships 2014 by Douglas Ward (Berlitz cruise guide series)

This attractive book is a valuable tool for the fast increasing numbers of people who are enjoying cruising during their holidays. It is a great guide for both experienced long-time cruisers, and those planning their first venture on the seas. You will get comprehensive information on everything from life aboard ships to money-saving tips. It provides expert tips on how to get the best from your cruise whether you are traveling solo, going as a family, or trying to plan the best holiday for honeymooners,  seniors, or those with physical disabilities.

The book is divided into two main parts, which are followed by a short section of practical information and useful addresses. The first section provides you with useful information on how to choose a cruise, life aboard a cruise ship, and special cruises such as the around-the-world cruises. The main section of the book profiles 285 cruise vessels, both large and small. There are comparisons of major cruise lines using an internationally recognised ratings system which assists you to make decisions based on the best food, service, entertainment and facilities. The size of each ship is given to assist you to choose the vessel which will best suit your destination needs – along with how many staff will look after you on board.

David Ward is one of the worlds top authorities on cruising, having spent more than 45 years working in the cruise industry and cruising for about 200 days each year. He writes completely independent reviews and he accepts no sponsorships, making his writing so much more credible! He takes passenger comments into account and encourages readers to email him with their experiences.