The Simple Life

The Simple Life: The pleasures and rewards of getting back to basics is a quaint snapshot of Rhonda Hetzel’s life as she transitioned from being a corporate workaholic, an avid consumer and someone whose life was focussed outside the house, to a woman who consciously slowed down and focussed all her attention on her home life. She taught herself about keeping chooks, permaculture,making jam and pickling her home-grown produce, baking bread daily, knitting, mending and repurposing and many other self-reliant, environmentally conscious skills. She achieved all of this and gained the benefit of calmness, happiness and contentedness by redefining her idea of “success”. She chose “The Simple Life”. This is a handbag sized 56 page thought provoking inspiration. Read it on your commute to work and the next “stop” where you get off may just be the simple life.