More quick overviews of what I have been reading

26. Adultery – Paulo Coelho  –  I have seen Paulo Coelho’s books around for many years and he seems very popular so I was surprised and disappointed that I really did not enjoy this book.  I was reading it for my book club so I persevered until the end.  The main character, who is female, did not ring true to me and everything she was discovering about life were the usual things about cheap thrills not making your life more interesting and adultery is not a good cure for depression (duh).  Also the writing was quite clunky, when I read that it was translated for Portuguese I though this may be why.   My advise – save the time for something worthwhile.  Sorry Paulo.

27. Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off – Colleen Ryan and Stephen Wyatt.  If you are worried that your retirement funds won’t give you the lifestyle you want,  you fancy living in a warmer climate or a different culture attracts you, here are some inspiring examples of Australians living as ex-pats in South-East Asia or Europe.  Each example has a break down of the costs involved and a description of the lifestyle of the participants.  The authors look at the plus and minus issues for each example as well so you can weigh up the options.

28. After I’m Gone – Laura Lippman.  Although this appears to be a thriller about a gangster who absconds from the law (and a prison sentence), it is really about the women he leaves behind.  Sandy is an ex cop who in his semi-retirement is working on cold cases.  Delving into the disappearance of Felix he uncovers many mysteries and intrigues surrounding his life and we go along for the journey of discovery.  A great read.

29. A Geek in Japan – Hector Garcia.  The title might put many off this book but it is not just for geeks it’s for anyone interested in Japanese culture.  If you are thinking about living in Japan this would be a valuable insight to all that is relevant in local culture, customs and fashion.  It is also an entertaining insight into the Japanese psyche.