Wish you happy forever

Wish you happy forever: what China’s orphans taught me about moving mountains by Jenny Bowen is no ordinary memoir. This is the memoir of Californian filmmaker Jenny Bowen, who with her husband and two adult children embarked on the journey of adopting a Chinese orphan. That however was only the start and a small portion of their journey.  One day when she looks admiringly at her adopted daughter and feels satisfied by how she is thriving, however Jenny is overcome by the realisation that what she has done is not enough. She feels compelled to do more and to help more abandoned girls in China. Realising that the numbers of children in need are disproportionate to the established infrastructure to support these demands, Jenny (with the help of her husband)  establishes the Half the sky foundation in 1998. Despite having no experience in child care (other than parenting her own progeny) or of speaking Chinese or  knowledge of doing business in China, or negotiating the abundant red tape, she  endures obstacles to move mountains and instigate change. Her foundation is involved in reforming Chinese orphanages,  improved child care, medical intervention and disaster relief. Jenny Bowen’s passion and the incredible work of the Half the sky foundation still continue today. This is an inspiring memoir of extreme bravery and endurance in the face of bureaucracy.