Paris Letters

Paris letters is the memoir of Canadian born, Californian girl Janice Macleod. She lived a fast-paced stereotypical single life until one day when she had an epiphany and realised how unfulfilled she felt.  She decided to do something about it. So she took to writing a daily journa land a blog and pretty quickly answers appear on the page and screen. She realised how disillusioned she was and how close to the edge of exhaustion. She also acknowledges her wanderlust and wonders how much money she would need to quit her job and live her dreams.

She slows down, she minimises, she reevaluates and then she sets off to Paris in search of her happiness. Janice dreams up the concept of a painted letter service. Customers subscribe and she delivers a beautiful painted letter filled with musings of Parisian pleasure. Oh la la! If you’re looking for some escapist reading. Something that involves plenty of baguettes, butter, and a vegan falling in love with a butcher then this book is exactly what you’re looking for 🙂 The perfect prescription for transforming corporate drones into Francophiles.