Damage by Felix Francis.

Felix Francis has a 40 year history of working with his famous father Dick Francis, assisting with the great thrillers which are set in the British horse racing world. Damage is the fourth novel which Felix has written on his own after the death of his father in February 2010.

Jeff Hinkley is an investigator for the British Horseracing Authority. While on duty at the Cheltenham races he spots a trainer entering the track who has been barred for drugging horses, and he follows him. Without warning, the trainer pulls a knife on a bookie and murders him.

When most of the horses at a race meeting test positive for drugs, fear of the potential scandal in racing spreads through the members of the British Horseracing Authority. Days later they are faced with a blackmail letter. They call on Jeff Hinkley to go undercover and investigate.

Jeff  is left wondering if there is a connection between the murdered bookie and the drugged horses. If the blackmailer cannot be found and the drugging of horses stopped, the betting public will lose all confidence in racing and the sport will be irreparably damaged! The blackmailer, who calls himself Leonardo, steps up the pressure with further drugging of horses, and with the poisoning of jockeys. Danger and suspense build as Jeff realises that if Leonardo cannot be stopped soon, not only his job but his life will be on the line.

While trying to save the horse racing industry, Jeff is pressured by his brother-in-law into trying to save the career of his son who has been framed on a drugs charge. With his sister dealing with a life-threatening cancer, Jeff is determined to do all he can to save her further pain through her family.

Felix Francis is the youngest son of Dick Francis. He enjoyed a 17 year career teaching Advanced Level physics before leaving to assist his father with the research and writing of crime novels. His knowledge and experience in his physics career have proved valuable in books such as Twice Shy.