Maze Runner

Maze Runner by James Dashner

Post by Fiona from Southport Library.

Maze Runner is a must read for lovers of young adult post-apocalyptic novels. It follows the exhilarating journey of sixteen year old Thomas as he finds himself in an unfamiliar world which is known as ‘The Glade’.

Thomas and the other ‘Gladers’ know nothing of the outside world nor how they came to be inside the maze. They only know two things; their names, and that they must get out. When Thomas finds himself in the center of a deadly and ever-changing maze, he takes it upon himself to become a Runner in search of an escape from their prison.

Maze Runner starts slowly, and I felt somewhat confusingly for readers, but quickly enough becomes an exciting tale filled with all action, unexpected plot twists and thrills a dystopian book can offer! Some of the characters could be slightly unpredictable and dislikeable (protagonist excluded) which made it harder to sympathise with their position and connect with the Gladers on a deeper level. However, as the reader, I could appreciate all their emotions and actions as they sought to escape – the need for survival grew with each passing page.

Maze Runner was an amazing read, filled with action, surprise and mystery that left you on the edge of your seat until the end. I cannot wait to get my hand on the sequel; The Scorch Trials.