A story dreamt long ago

A story dreamt long ago by Phyllis McDuff. There always was distance between mother Bettina Mendl and daughter Phyllis McDuff even when they were sitting right beside each other. Bettina was a master of evasion. Phyllis’ questions always went unanswered and she never was quite sure just who indeed her mother was and why she wouldn’t revel the story of her life. She lived her life as though it were a secret code. Phyllis was also baffled by the two paintings, that she inherited from her mother. Bettina  had sworn that they were Picasso originals. In order to reveal the mysteries, twists and turns of her mother’s life, Phyllis embarks on a journey to Austria and a mission for the truth.

Bettina is an unbelievable woman. Bettina was an immigrant, and like most she arrived in Australia with a long and interesting story. She arrived in Australia in 1939, on the run, wanted by Hitler’s SS. She left behind in Vienna, a life of wealth, privilege, horses, dressage, glamour, balls and high society aristocracy. She arrived in Australia and fled to the outback hoping for anonymity and seclusion. She worked the land and fended for herself, until she met station manager, Joe McDuff. Where upon her life took a whole new direction.

This memoir is a fascinating read.