Being in Balance

Being in Balance by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

In Being in Balance, Dr. Dyer examines the nine principles for creating habits to match your desires. Considered by his fans as the ‘father of motivation’, Dr. Dyer is a well-known author and lecturer in the field of self-empowerment.

This book will show you how to restore balance in your life by changing your thoughts so that they correspond to your dreams and produce overall harmony in your life. Dr. Dyer believes that we have within ourselves the ability to create all that we want if we recognise and change our out-of -balance thoughts. To guide you through this process he offers the nine principles from which you will learn: to balance your life and your habits; slow down and balance life enjoyment with the need to achieve; see yourself as you really are rather than as others see you; that you will never get enough of what you don’t want; that love is what is left over when falling in love fades away…and more.

Being in Balance will help you to get in tune with your inner self and adjust those areas of your life and your thoughts that are out of harmony with what you really want and desire.