October 24


The Deceived

The Deceived by Brett Battles.

 Post by Diane from the Local Studies library.

Jonathan Quinn is the protagonist developed by Brett Battles in his novel Becoming Quinn.  Several ‘Jonathan Quinn’ novels  followed of which The Deceived is one.

Jonathan Quinn is a professional ‘cleaner’, he is employed to  dispose of bodies following a murder so there is no link to those who committed the murder. He has a good reputation in this business as being one who ties up loose ends and he doesn’t ask questions. He does not get his own hands dirty, ie commit murder. However, when Quinn is hired to dispose of the body of a rare and old friend (one Steven Markoff, who worked in a similar secret organisation and had saved Quinn’s life on a previous occasion),  all that has to change. Determined to avenge Markoff, Quinn embarks on tracking back through Markoff’s last days to establish what Markoff was working on. This involved using his contacts from the corridors of power in Washington and  Singapore.  His quest requires that he, his apprentice Nate, and the brilliant  Orlando,  work with others who may be  implicated  in Markoff’s murder. But may or may not warrant their trust.  To trust is to be deceived…

This is a page turning thriller, well written with believable characters following logical pathways as they learn, bit by bit, who may know the cause and effects of what brought about the death of Markoff.