Should You Read a Book About Neil Patrick Harris? If You Answer Yes Click Here to Learn More

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Choose Your Own AutobiographyChoose Your Own Autobiography is a great wealth of information on the life of Neil Patrick Harris that is also a very fun read. I liked the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid myself so loved the fact this was laid out like one. You could just read it cover to cover if you chose to and once you’ve followed quite a few paths and you’re pretty sure you’ve lived all of Neil’s lives. you’ll start doing so again anyway just to make sure you haven’t missed anything. There is even a bonus page in there that isn’t linked to other pages, where if you ever run into Neil in the street and are carrying this book, there is a spot for him to scrawl a congratulatory signature.

The reading experience of this is interesting. There are fictional parts of his life where if you choose incorrectly (although it’s usually pretty obvious with some options), you as Neil will die, such as drowning in quicksand, being eaten by piranhas, a betrayal with a bowling ball and other fun ways including my favourite being murdered by a super villain you unwittingly created at a child’s birthday party when you did your first magic gig! At one point in the book you enter the fictionalised version of Neil Patrick Harris world, where you meet what you assume to be two gay guys named Harold and Kumar after you get kicked out of a limo for doing stuff with someone else’s girlfriend. That’s the sort of thing that makes this so much fun to read, you never know where Neil’s mind will take you. Getting angrily awakened as a sandwich hand from dreaming you did all the awesome stuff of Neil’s real life by customers queued in a huge line at Subway is another.

You do learn actual stuff about Neil as well such as why Patrick is used instead of just his first and last name. He recounts how he became Dr Doogie Howser MD and the good and bad that came with that as well as what it is like being a child on set. Other TV/Movie and theatre acting he did in between that and How I Met Your Mother, as well as how that audition went, where he just decided to have fun with the character as his body shape didn’t match what Barney was supposed to be like. Barney even has a praising Neil (you) chapter, as do a lot of other celebrities. Other than the Barney chapter that was written by Matt Kuhn, the rest of the fictional stuff is also written by Neil, meaning not only does he qualify for the Actors Who Thought They Could Write Bookcoasters blog, but hopefully one day we’ll see some sort of fiction novel by him as well. There’s Neil’s first times with a guy as well as a girl, and how he came to realise that side of things as well as when he decided to make that news public. As well he dispels a rumour from his childhood acting days from the actor who played Screech in Saved By the Bell. Meeting his partner David as well as a couple of chapters where David has added his own handwritten notes to what Neil has typed. Hosting various awards shows, performing magic and other stuff he’s famous for are all covered.

The book has a few fun pen outline drawings in it as well as the standard biography couple of pages in the middle with photographs ranging from his childhood, as Doogie, with the cast of How I Met Your Mother and other stuff. The only drawback about the fun Choose Your Own Adventure style is that you can’t just go to something you’re interested in knowing about more than everything else such as say How I Met Your Mother or something. This didn’t bother me as I was interested in reading everything anyway and knew I would find it all eventually, but if you weren’t much of a reader this could be an issue.

I loved how Neil wasn’t afraid to have fun with this, or even criticise himself and even some of the movies he starred in just to survive before HIMYM relaunched his career. You won’t go wrong choosing this adventure!