I AM JACK by Susanne Gervay Reviewed by Jill Smith

I AM JACKcoverThis is a great little book, and clearly worthy of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award of Notable Australian Children’s Book.

I particularly liked how Susanne portrayed Jack as a boy who thought he had to handle the bulling gervay_susanne picproblem on his own; he felt he was the problem. He was soon to discover he really needed the support of his family, friends, teachers and whole community to stand up to the jibes, name calling, trip ups and abuse. He was not the problem. He had to learn to show the people who forgot who he was that he was someone who could say ‘I am Jack.’

The plays ‘I am Jack’ have now gone international to promote the fight and plight of children battling the school bullies. No wonder when the story is told with humour, simplicity and style. I loved it.