Introducing the Galactic Knights – MURDER inQUEST by Andrew McDermott Reviewed by Jill Smith


The Galactic Knights are super humans, bred to be competitors. In Part One, we are introduced to each of the future team members. They are unique individuals, each with their own strengths and issues. How could they ever become players on the inter-planetary scale as their recruitment and game founder Jack Molay plans?

Basteel and his wife Renee are French art thieves. California a security guard, thrill seeker and was born to parents who ran a ranch and old-time rodeo. His brother Cowboy was the star of the family show.  Saxon, a hit man for hire, with a huge ego, a cocky Englishman with attitude to boot that would be hard to tame. Angel, was raised by nuns, becoming bored with normal life she would create elaborate computer games to immerse her tactical mind in, extremely athletic and competitive often getting into fights. She was sent to a school for gifted children when she became too much for the nuns. Here she helped a girl called Cheryl become athletic and self empowered, now calling herself Cherub. Dahomey and his wife Tahlia lived in New York, he was an elite athlete but his contract with the Yankees and the Nicks over, it was time to move on. He was the ‘SAGOD’ self anointed God of Darkness, the peoples appointed King of Haiti. He took on a crazed super-computer and won, now what? Erik Schlossberg an Austrian mountain rescuer, willing to lay his life on the line to save tourists caught in the snow fields. Manfred was his beautiful backup from base. When the powers that be were going to leave him stranded he quit. Digger a rough and tumble station owner in the Australian outback, he was equally talented and bored, but he loved his home. Would he want to become a player in this game?

andy mcdermott picAll of these people were over achievers at school and moved from one high risk, extreme position in their world to another. That’s when Jack Molay came along to make them an offer to be part of an inter-planetary game show. The game called QUEST would be broadcast throughout the universe, they would travel in a space-craft, powered by the lost ark of the covenant, called Excalibur, even in the year 2144 it was unique. The combatants would fight to the virtual death to win each round. They had to become a team but compete individually to win each round. The twist in the story happens when one of the Knights is involved in a fatal incident and a murder investigation begins.