Unloched by Candice Lemon-Scott Reviewed by Jill Smith

candice lemon-scott 3unloched coverI thought this was a particularly haunting story, one I won’t forget in a hurry.

A simple concept of teenage sibling rivalry that taints the rest of the women’s lives, their domineering and demanding mother now in aged care plays one last trump card on her girls. They both rise to the bait and find that what they believe took place all those years ago was not quite what happened.

The setting becomes a central character and Candice draws from her knowledge of a small overlooked country village surrounded by water. The houseboat is easy to picture in it’s run down state as the sisters begrudgingly take on the task of making it sale able.

I really got involved in the dynamics of these three women and how they allowing simmering emotions to dictate their lives. It is so well written, Candice leaves a question mark at the end of the book, did the girls finally rekindle their childhood kinship or did that all come too late?

I read this in a couple of days which is my best indication that it’s a great book.