Thoughts on making a happy family

Have you ever felt like Dorothy strolling along the yellow brick road BUT wait then oh shock horror, strangely you find that you’re “not in Kansas anymore” and your fur-friend Toto has disappeared? Strangely instead you’re walking beside a chocolate river (let’s hope it is chocolate!) and there are a bunch of strange-little-Oompa-Loompa people staring at you. How very disconcerting! BUT then it gets worse and you feel like Alice, poor poor Alice who has fallen through the looking-glass and you’re running around saying “I’m late, I’m late…I’m late (for work) and the strange-little-Oompa-Loompa people are still there. They’re driving cars up your legs, they’re wiping toothpaste on your clothes and you longingly click your heels together times in desperation, those shiny ruby red shoes clack together and you say those magic words three times….“There’s no place like work, there’s no place like work, there’s no place like work!” So if you’re nodding empathetically, I’m guessing that there is a pretty good chance that you’re a parent!!!

Newspaper columnist and frequent guest on Channel Nine, Angela Mollard is the author of The Smallest Things: Thoughts on making a happy family. This light read is not a biography or a memoir but rather a collection of memories and musings penned by Angela. She shares her thoughts on marriage, the home-work life juggle, parenthood and maintaining a self-identity. It is rather honest and I would even dare say blunt but amusing. In a nutshell Angela lives a wild and exciting journalistic life, until along comes baby and changes all that (and much more). Angela muddles on until she hits the wall (that so many parents find themselves banging their heads’ against) and she realises that somethings gotta’ give, so she re-evaluates her life. She slows down, she does her best to appreciate the privilege that parenthood is and she finds herself writing a book about The Smallest Things. A scrap-booked collection of thoughts on making a happy family. Thought provoking or reassuring reading…you be the judge.