60 Postcards

Grief is a terrible journey but one that we will all have to undertake and endure at some stage in our lives. For Rachael Chadwick, author of 60 Postcards, it came far too early in her life, with the death of her beloved mother. Her mother’s diagnosis and progression from aggressive illness to her decline was a terrifyingly rapid one, just sixteen days. Rachael hangs in a precariously delicate state, with raw grief and explosive emotions until she formulates a plan to commemorate her mother’s life.

The book 60 Postcards: The inspirational story of a young woman’s journey to celebrate her mother one postcard at a time,  chronicles the progression of the 60 Postcards project. The birth of the 60 postcards project gives Rachael direction and hope for her outlook on life. The last gift Rachael had received from her mother was Eurostar tickets, so Rachael just had to pack her bags, her emotions and her pen. Rachael and a supportive group of friends set off for Paris, to celebrate what would have been Rachael’s mother’s sixtieth birthday. Whilst in Paris, Rachael pens sixty postcards. The handwritten postcards all read……..


I’m Rachael from London, visiting Paris with my friends for the weekend in memory of my mother who passed away in February. To remember her and to celebrate her 60th birthday, I am leaving 60 postcards around Paris. I am going to document this weekend in a blog and I would love you to be part of it. Please email me with your name and a little story about what you were going when you doing this! Please feel free to leave it for someone else to find! Thank you/Merci!”

Rachael and her friends scatter the postcards strategically around Paris and thus the 60 postcards project was born. The book opens with the words “Before you start this book, please buy a blank postcard to use as a bookmark” and closes with further directional advice. What I love about this story is that it reminds the reader of the overall good, honest intent of people (yes, pure strangers) and it also reminds the reader of the value and power of writing, words, reading, and communication. This book is raw, touching, encouraging, inspiring and brave. Rachael continues her project today on her blog http://www.60postcards.com