December online ebook club – Jeremy & Amy by Jeremy Keeling

Jeremy and Amy‘Tis the season for giving and in celebration, our online ebook club book of the month is the story of a man inspired to create an primate sanctuary in the UK. Jeremy and Amy is the memoir of Jeremy Keeling, creator of Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre, a now popular tourist attraction. Keeling was inspired to create this sanctuary by Amy, an Orang-Utan he helped raise who later saved his life in a car accident. Following the accident Keeling, along with fellow primate-lover Jim Cronin spent the next 20 years building a sanctuary for primates rescued from poachers, scientists and photographers around the world. This is the celebrated story behind the sanctuary. Here are some questions to get the discussion started:

1. Do you think Keeling effectively achieves his objective in the creation of Monkey World?

2. Was there a part of the book that struck a chord with you?

3. How effectively do you think Keeling delivers his message about animal conservation?

4. Did you learn something new from this book? Has it inspired you to find out more about the subject?

5. Are there any other books about charity start-ups that you’d recommend?

You can download the book from our latest ebook supplier, One Click digital. Happy reading.