You by Caroline Kepnes

YouBoy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy steals girl’s phone and proceeds to stalk girl, boy turns completely psychopathic in his pursuit of girl. That is essentially the storyline of You.

While this isn’t the greatest book ever written the concept behind it is really interesting and the characters are very intelligently crafted. Set in today’s tech-cultured world, it follows the story of book shop manager Joe as he falls in love with a customer, Beck. This isn’t like any ordinary love however, as Joe has psychopathic tendencies and soon Beck’s life slowly unravels at Joe’s hands.

The interesting part of the book is that it is written from Joe’s perspective. This is what I liked most about it. It allowed the author to play with the reader’s mind a little. When we read a book we always have the tendency to side with the narrator. In this case, Joe often paints himself in a very positive light. He is smart, witty and in love. At times I caught myself actually feeling happy for him before reminding myself that he is a dangerous, creepy psychopath.

I also found all the characters unlikeable so it was hard to feel sorry for them at first. Then I reminded myself that we are only seeing the characters from Joe’s perspective. For all we know Benji, Peach and Beck had very good sides but Joe will only reveal the negative. Such is the intelligent crafting of the book.

The only downside of this, was that it dragged on at times and it was overloaded with pop-culture reference. However, if you’re after a creepy read that will get you thinking, this might just be it.