A Disturbing Tale from Sharon Bolton

Review by SkaryMary at Robina









A Dark and Twisted Tide by Sharon Bolton [also known as S.J.Bolton]

An extremely disturbing tale featuring Detective Lacey Flint.  Gruesome crimes are a feature of Bolton’s work and her latest crime thriller is no exception. Lacey has stepped down as a detective and is hoping for a quieter and safer existence in the water police. While out for her morning swim in the murky River Thames she finds the decomposing body of a young woman wrapped in a shroud and partially eaten by crabs. This is one of many bodies that will be found, with illegal immigrants, babies and more crabs thrown into the mix, the suspense builds to a not to be missed life- threatening struggle for Lacey. Along with the murder investigation there is the ongoing relationship between Lacey and undercover detective Mark Joesbury, also missing and accused of shooting a fellow officer. In this dark and twisted tale the reader never feels safe and nor do any of the characters and the final question is…will Lacey and Joesbury ever get together!

The Lacey Flint series begins with Now you see me.