Gray Mountain by John Grisham

Gray Mountain by John Grisham.

Post by Robyn55.

Many environmentalists think that “Mountain Removal Mining” in the Appalacian mountains of America is one of the greatest tragedies of our time. The Appalacians are amoungst the oldest mountain ranges on earth and approximately five hundred mountains have been destroyed by this mining method so far. This is the scene for John Grisham’s latest offering.

When, like so many others, Samantha Kofer lost her job due to the Global Financial Crisis she was desolate. There went her fabulous New York lifestyle along with her big salary. In fact, her whole future is now uncertain. Or so she thinks… However, it isn’t long before she is offered a job as an unpaid intern with a law firm giving free legal aid to the needy in an Appalachian mountain town. She is ill prepared for the stream of human misery and hardship that streams through the door of the little law office. She soon starts to take a more than professional interest in some of her clients and the people she works with. She begins to understand what is really happening to this town, it’s people, and the mountains that are the backdrop to their lives. Her interest draws her into a dangerous drama that will put her life on the line. The truth is out there and Sam must help to uncover it, and in doing so, uncover a few of her own truths.

The characters in this novel are very well realised and portrayed, especially that of the poor Appalacian residents who are fighting a loosing war against the mining companies and insurance giants. I think this novel gives a fairly accurate look at the problem facing many in the world today when steamrolled by giant corporations. Anyway, it made me very disappointed to think that, once again, big business trumps reason and good practice. That’s what you want in a novel – for it to provoke an emotion. This novel is a masterpiece of emotion that draws the reader into a terrible reality. Good job, Mr. Grisham. You will despair for the plight of these people. However, the real star is the Appalacian Mountains and their dreadful pillage. You will cry for their tale of destruction. There is really nothing more to say about Gray Mountain… except do yourself a favour and read it!