Narrow Road to the Deep North

The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan.

Post by Kyla from the Local Studies library.


I bought a copy of Richard Flanagan’s recent novel with a small pile of other Australian novels after realising that it had been a very long time since I’d read a local author.


The Narrow Road to the Deep North has received countless reviews, none of which I’d read.


Beyond knowing it was about Thai-Burma railway, I opened the first pages with little idea of what to expect.


I was surprised to realise that it was a biography of sorts that jumped through time telling the story of one man’s life


I rarely read military novels or stories focusing on cruelty and despair but I did find this a very engaging read.


It was, as would be expected from a Man Booker prize winner, beautifully written but it was the almost microscopic attention to detail that I really enjoyed.


It’s filled with incredibly vivid scenes. At times I felt transported into the world Flanagan had created. It’s not a world I like but I was drawn into the story.


Would I recommend it? Yes. I suspect a man who reads military histories but rarely ventures into fiction would enjoy this very much.