January 02

Books for Christmas? Show us your swag!

It’s a bit early to make judgements on our Christmas presents, but in the spirit of New Year enthusiasm…please share your swag in the comments.

Thug kitchenI’m about halfway through Eat Like You Give a F*ck, and I love its simple approach. A lot of vegetarian cookbooks are either incredibly fussy, or show you how to make vegetarian versions of the awful, awful food Americans eat.  This one has simple recipes, for food which would not need to be a special treat.  I’m a huge fan of their blog, and Facebook, so I was really happy to get the book from my mother-in-law. I’m not sure she knows how sweary it is.

I gave this book to my wife for Christmas. She’s a huge fan. There was a delay and I thought her hardback copy wasn’t going to arrive before Christmas, so I picked up a local paperback copy. The hardback arrived in time, so I gave myself the paperback copy. I recall reading this when I was fourteen, and enjoying it, but when I think about it I’m mostly recalling the movies. I’m looking forward to visiting Fantastia again.

VeganZombieThis one did get delayed.  I love the VZ Youtube channel, although  I do find it difficult to source some of their ingredients. That being said, a lot of the odd things they use are available on the Gold Coast and I would never have known unless I’d seen them on the channel. For example, they mentioned a gourmet mock cheese a while ago, and when I looked it up, there’s a factory making it in Yatala.