29 Gifts : How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life

29 Gifts : How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life by Cami Walker.

I listened to this inspiring book as an Eaudiobook which I downloaded from the library and which I liked so much that I shared it with the book club. It is the story of how one woman living in California came to terms with a debilitating illness and turned her life around through a prescription from an African born and British raised healer.

Cami Walker was thirty five years old and had been married for only one month when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Passed from doctor to doctor and taking more and more prescription drugs to try to cope, Cami calls on her old friend and African healer Mbali. The ‘prescription’ which Mbali gave her was to focus on others and what she had to offer by giving at least one gift each day for 29 days in an open and  mindful way, and from a position of open generosity – not from obligation, guilt, or from an expectation of a return of kindness. She was to keep a journal entry of each gift, how the giving felt, and anything that happened. If she missed a day of giving, she was to start over again so as to build the energy of giving.

Miserable and in pain, Cami wailed at Mbali the she had nothing to give – her body and her life were a mess! Nevertheless, she noted an entry in her journal about the 29 gifts for later consideration. Some weeks later, she decided tentatively to give it a go. The result of that first gift made such an amazing difference in her life that Cami decided to keep going. After a week, both her health and her strength were improving, and she was recruiting others to give the 29 gifts a go. She started a worldwide giving movement by setting up a web site and a blog on which people could encourage others and list their experiences and gifts. By the end of the 29 days, Cami’s health had dramatically improved, her marriage was much stronger, and she was happier than she had ever been.

This memoir is more than a record of Cami’s journey to improved health and happiness – it is full of inspiring life lessons, and is illustrated by personal anecdotes from the people Cami encountered on the way. Cami Walker is a gifted writer with a delightful way with words which makes entertaining reading.