Book clinic

book clinic

BOOK CLINIC #6 Showing character development 

If you’re writing a book you probably know that your character should have an arc, that they should grow and learn and be changed by the experiences they go through in the narrative.

You know you can’t just say it’s happened – that would be telling.

So how do you show it in your book?

That’s what we’re talking about at Book Clinic this Saturday, 1 August, 10.30am – noon at Robina Branch Library, 196 Robina Town Centre Drive.

If you’re a local writer looking for support and advice, join us on Saturday for another fun session.

What have we discussed at our earlier Book Clinics?

BOOK CLINIC #5 Creating an online presence

We discussed the importance of an author’s online presence this month for Book Clinic – why keeping your online presence up to date is important, who you should be writing it for, and how to benefit from the social side of social media.

BOOK CLINIC #4 Talking about dialogue. 

We looked at the top tips for writing great dialogue, what is the role of dialogue in a story, and dialogue mistakes to avoid.

BOOK CLINIC #2.2  Research and how to organise it. 

Tips on where to find material to give depth to your writing and how to organise it so you can find it again when you need it.

BOOK CLINIC #2 When life interrupts art. 

We had a weather event on the Gold Coast which, further north was a Category 5 tropical cyclone. We pushed the event back by a week due to road closures and flooding.

BOOK CLINIC #1 Have you made a resolution to (finally) write your book?

If you said yes, well, that’s excellent!

Whether you’re planning a non-fiction study on your area of expertise, a memoir or biography about yourself or someone else, or a novel that’s a literary or genre masterpiece you are welcome to talk about writing in general, and your book in particular, at our new book clinic events, or share tips and advice here on book coasters, if you can’t physically make it to the clinics.

All writers are welcome to come and talk about their writing and connect with other local writers for support and encouragement.

If you can’t be there, but you’d like to talk about writing, please comment below.