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Revolution by Russell Brand : Book Club Discussion Questions

It’s traditional to note that our book club discussion questions contain spoilers, but I’d argue that doesn’t matter in this case.


Revolution was written by comedian Russell Brand. He argues that his personal path, away from celebrity and addiction, reflects changes which society should make, away from the commercial and superficial. The book’s chapters discuss the destructive nature of modern capitalism, the vast inequity in the distribution of global wealth, and his ideas for social reorganization.

Discussion Questions

  • Brand’s ideas, given in the last chapter, are meant to be a rough outline. Do you feel they show promise or are they naive? Do you have ideas concerning how they could be elaborated?
  • A lengthy section near the start of the book talks about the role of science in society, as a way of determining truth. Do you feel the characterization of science is fair? Do you agree or disagree with Brand on its limitations as a method for finding truth?
  • Brand defends some deeply odd political territory here (the Cuban Revolution, 9/11 conspiracy theorism). Does this weaken the book?
  • There’s a lot about Brand in this book, particularly his spiritual development. Does the personal parallel work? Is it convincing?
  • Brand’s style is argumentative, and verges in places on stream of consciousness. Does this engage, or distract, you?
  • Is the book better in audio? (Use the Youtube links below to help judge.)

Revolution is available from City Libraries.