2015 reading challenge – are you in?

15 book reading challengeReady for a new year of reading?

We’re throwing down a reading challenge on book coasters, again this year, but instead of aiming for a total number of books read   over the 12 months we want to try for variety.

So, if you can’t resist a challenge, or you’re ready to read something different, or you’re looking for some great reading recommendations, take our 15 book challenge and commit to reading books this year that meet the challenge criteria.

(If you choose wisely, some books will let you check off several criteria at once.)

Your 15 book challenge is to read a book that:

  1. was written by an Australian
  2. is a graphic novel
  3. is a beach read
  4. you read aloud
  5. has a quest narrative
  6. has an chemical element in the title
  7. is a collection of short stories
  8. is an historical novel
  9. is an audiobook
  10. you have judged by its cover
  11. has a mystery plot
  12. is non-fiction
  13. has been turned into a movie
  14. is by an author you have met
  15. has a number in the title

Let other book coasters know how you’re going by posting about your reading, or commenting on another post.

We’ll be suggesting great titles across 2015 that you’ll love reading AND that will meet one or more of the criteria.

Challenge accepted? Join the 15 book challenge for 2015 by commenting below.