Bitter Wash Road by Garry Disher

I am not sure why I picked this book up, I think I read there was a similarity between Garry Disher and Peter Temple, who I think is brilliant. Bitter Wash Road is no Truth but it is an engrossing read.

Set in rural South Australia fallen police officer Paul Hirschausen is exiled to a one person police station in Tiverton. Due to “dobbing in” his boss back in Adelaide he is disliked by the local law enforcement and distrusted by the local community, who have every reason to distrust the local police.

In his first few weeks at Tiverton he had been sent threats, set up and bullied and so when he is called to investigate gunfire up an isolated road he suspects the worse. It turns out to be not so sinister but the same can’t be said for events soon after. Dead bodies, violence and corruption start mounting up and Paul starts to wonder who to trust.

Disher’s description of the rural Australia is excellent and his storytelling is also good. I was hooked and read the book in a day. I will certainly be reading more of Garry Disher.