Eleanor & Park

A library customer made me aware of Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell when she asked me if the library had a copy. Not an unusual request but I was intrigued that a mid-teen was interested in an adult fiction novel. This also isn’t unusual amongst teens who are avid readers but the title and cover were interesting enough to entice me further. As it turns out, Eleanor & Park is to being filmed with an intended release date of 2015. And now I have read the book I can understand why. It’s a simple coming of age romance with the requisite amount of angst, dysfunctional characters and a twist to make it a great story. I think it’s beautifully written which makes it an easy read and best of all I found it uplifting.  And I needed an uplifting read as I am in the middle of listening to Burial rites by Hannah Kent. But that’s a different story and another post………..