Janurary Online ebook club wrap-up – After the Fire, a still small voice

Evie Wyld described After the Fire, a still small voice as a ‘romantic thriller about men not talking’ and this is exactly what it seemed to be. It’s the story of three generations of men. These men’s lives have been negatively affected by war, and this is reflected in the way they have treated those they are closest to. As a reader, you just want them to talk about it. You’re hoping they’ll reveal their pasts so their family members can understand them. Sadly this does not happen. While this should have bothered me, I thought it was fairly true to real life. We all seem to have trouble communicating with each other and this doesn’t always eventuate in a big outburst of emotion. Sometimes life just goes on. I thought this was conveyed quite well.

What frustrated me about the book was the element of mystery. There are some things we never find out such as the fate of Frank’s grandparents and the disappearance of Sal. Maybe the answers are not revealed to extend the theme of lack of communication. It was however, frustrating.

Overall I think this was a really interesting story and kept me reading. It’s a little depressing so you need to be in the right mood for it but if you want literature that makes you think, this is definitely for you.

I’m keen to hear what everyone else thought about the book?

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