Ready player one cover February 09


Ready Player One Book Club Discussion Questions

Please note our book club discussion questions contain spoilers.


Ready player one cover

A teenager, living through a future economic collapse, finds the first clue in a puzzle devised by a reclusive eccentric. The prize for completing the puzzle is unimaginable wealth. Can Wade use his gaming skills and obsessive knowledge of 1980s pop culture to find the other clues, hidden in the virtual world everyone uses to avoid the horrors of the reality? Can he fend off other players, and powerful corporate interests, seeking the prize?

Discussion questions

  • How does the construction of an avatar obscure and reveal a player’s character?
  • Why did Halliday create the game?
  • Why does Morrow do so little in the game?
  • Are Daito and Shoto’s characters complete? Are they stereotypes?
  • Does Aech’s character become deeper or less deep after the reveal?
  • What’s your favorite classic game? Why? If you can’t think of one, try out Internet Arcade.

  • What parallels can be drawn between the world of Ready Player One and the real world?

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