What’s your favourite Chinese novel?

The Gold Coast’s Chinatown has its launch tomorrow, so now’s the time to think “Hey..how much Chinese literature have I read?  What did I like? Why?” and then ask your friends the same questions.

My answer is the Obvious Australian answer: The Journey to the West by Wu Cheng-en.  I have an abridged copy in my home library and read it most years. When I’m not librarianing, I sell folklore to people, and so my connections to the literature of many countries starts with the most easily accessible stories of fun, supernatural things. It’s a beautiful mixture of philosophy, action and comedy, divided into a lot of little sections which fit well with the pace of modern life.

The reason it’s the Obvious Australian answer is that it was the source material fo the Monkey Magic TV show, which so many people my age grew up watching before Doctor Who.

So, over to you!  Mao’s Last Dancer? Dream of the Red Chamber? What do you like and why?