Tell the truth by Katherine Howell

Sadly, this is possibly the last in the Ella Marconi series by Katherine Howell. Howell has style of writing that keeps me hooked, it is pacey with clever storylines, although possibly a little repetitive. Surely there can’t be that many questionable paramedics in Sydney. And maybe for this reason the series is coming to an end? With any luck we will see more novels by Howell.

Tell the truth is, like Frantic, aptly named. If only the characters told the truth earlier! Marconi and her partner have their job cut out for them when female paramedic Stacey goes missing. As is often the case the husband is suspected, Stacey’s sister Maria is also under suspicion and Stacey’s colleague Rowan is acting like he has something to hide. Marconi is dogged in her search for truth and quest for resolution.

This book also meets the 3 of the Reading Challenge 2015. Written by and Australian Author, has a mystery plot and is written by an author I have met.