The Spires of Kurrong by Malcom Wells reviewed by Jill Smith

Spires of Kurrong cover front smlBook Review

By Jill Smith©Feb15

Title: The Spires of Kurrong

Author: Macolm Wells

Publisher: Morris Publishing Australia


Markus and Filona are in love. The story opens with the young lovers looking out over a precipice where they intend to jump to their deaths. Their liaison is prohibited in the domes he is the son of a Prefect and has been groomed from birth to take over the leadership of their world, while Filona is the daughter of an innkeeper of an Inner Zone publican. The rules of their world, the whole world as they know it, are strict. The rulers of their world told them that Demons inhabit the surface of the planet and their only safety is the security of the domes. Mates are chosen and the population controlled.Photo Malcolm blog tour Feb15

When they are arrested before being able to complete their suicide pact, Markus is returned to his father the Prefect of Alpha Dome, to face his punishment. He discovers that Filona will be executed for her part in the crime and he is furious. When Markus learns that the ruling council had been keeping a huge secret from the people, he decides to take matters into his own hands and risk going to the surface. Filona agrees to go with Markus in his escape from the domes, and even though she believes the Great Provider is protecting them, she is afraid. Markus is sure leaving is the only way they can be together and Filona can live.

What they find on the surface of takes them on a dangerous life changing journey back to their origins and the reason their people struggle to exist in the domes.

I love the concept of this book, being a sci-fi and young adult’s fan it is exactly the kind of book I seek out. Malcolm has created a realistic world and his characters are the kind that readers care about, making it a fast-paced page-turning book.