Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffrey reviewed by Jill Smith

destroying avalon cover

This is a book that gets to the heart of cyber bullying.

Like the screech of nails down a blackboard (an old school analogy I know) the feeling of alienation, abuse and anxiety Avalon felt was palpable.

I was worried from the first sentence, and screamed early on, ‘tell someone’. Her parents are teachers, and even though they could see all the signs that something was not right with Avalon at her new school, they thought she was just settling in. Avalon feels she can’t open up to them.kate mccaffrey pic

Kate McCaffrey lets the raw hostile feelings bubble up in the reader. The intensity of the fear of reprisal, the rejection, horror of the lies that Avalon is submitted to at the hands of her fellow classmates is heart aching. Avalon copes by relying on a small group of friends. Can they escape the intimidation? What cost would they have to pay to fit in?

It is no surprise that this is the Winner of Western Australian Premiers Book Awards for Young Adults, and Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable book. I will be searching out any new offering from this author. This is a must read book for parents of teenagers.