Ocean Child by Tamara McKinley

ocean childOcean Child is set in the 1920’s; its about Lulu Pearson, who, as a young girl, was taken from Tasmania back to England by her aging Aunt.
However, there is a family secret – a scandal which is revealed through the current life of Lulu, and the reminiscences of her elderly Aunt Clarice.
Lulu’s future in London as a talented sculptress is looking bright until, on the eve of her first exhibition, she learns she has inherited a racing colt called “Ocean Child” from an unknown benefactor, and she must return to her homeland to claim him.
The story unfolds as Lulu and a girlfriend return to Tasmania, only to walk straight into more mystery and danger.
A great read which coincidently resembles the early life of the author who was also born in Tasmania and raised by her English grandmother and elderly aunts.