Crashing down by Kate McCaffrey reviewed by Jill Smith

crashing-down good coverLucy is in year 12 and getting ready for her final exams. Party time, she is waiting for her boyfriend Carl to pick her up. Everything in her life is going well. She is certain she’ll get the grades she wants so she can go to Uni. Carl is a bit smothering and she thinks it’s time to break up. What could go wrong?

This book throws surprising curve balls at Lucy, and everything changes in a very short time. Her friends Lydia who is hysterically funny in her dumbness, and Georgia who is her loyal confidante are a great support. Her mother and father although estranged, are always there for her. And she needs them all to help her cope with each crisis that develops. Lucy had never really been friends with Carl’s friends and that changes too.

This book deals with confronting subjects such as pro lifers and protests at abortion clinics. The reactions of Lucy’s family and kate mccaffrey picfriends to her changing circumstance, reflects the various polarised views in society today. The hospitals for different trauma injury types are clearly defined. You can nearly smell the rehab hospital JD is in, compared to, the clinical disinfectant generated world Carl is in. The question clearly comes up, how would the reader react in a similar situation?

I really enjoyed following Lucy through her struggles and dilemmas. I will be reading more of Kate McCaffrey’s books.