That’s why I WROTE THIS Song by Susanne Gervay reviewed by Jill Smith

Thats why I wrote this song SGThis is a great book. Susanne wrote this book with massive input from her daughter Tory who wrote the songs. The cover is such a fresh faced girl with the band silhouette at the bottom, I loved this image as it encapsulates the story so well.

It’s very thought provoking. How do families cope with a bully Psycho Dad? In this case Pip writes a song with her best friend since kindergarten, Karen. They both have over demanding fathers who abuse them verbally and in Karen’s case physically. There is great insight in this story about teenagers, the pressures they live under to succeed, to become something, to have boyfriends/girlfriends, to have sex, take drugs and alcohol.Susanne Gervay

Pip has her mum and brother Eddie to rely on. When her Dad works away everything is good. Karen is unwanted by her mother who is obsessed with her new boyfriend and renovating but not making room for her. While her father has ‘that woman’ as his new wife and they don’t see her at all. Irina is loving living in Australia but is still escaping from Russia as her parents demand she study every second of the day, play piano and not the drums. She is their band’s drummer. Angie lives a fairy tale lifestyle with parents who care about her and each other.

I loved the way the four girls in the band ‘Not Perfect’ each bring their own special talents to the group. Sure the project was for the school concert and marked towards their music results, but it becomes so much more.