Vale Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy was made most famous through his work on Star Trek, a series which avoided the cliches of other science fiction, and showed humans co-operating to discover the Universe. He used his celebrity to advocate for science, particularly NASA funding. Toward the end of his life he did an increasing amount of voice-over work, particularly for the series Fringe, which is popular here on the Coast because one of the actresses lived here during her high school years. I’m delighted to link to some of his earlier voice work, available freely and legally through Open Culture, where he reads short stories from collections by Ray Bradbury.

Mr Nimoy was also an author, and wrote two biographies, I Am Not Spock in 1975, then I Am Spock in 1995, the changing title demonstrating his complicated relationship with his most famous role. He was a skilled poet and published seven collections of short romantic work. A sample is available online.