Jennifer Donnelly depicts an epic three part historical saga which begins its journey in East London, 1888. An old-fashioned story instilled with a modern sensibility of family destruction, revenge and murder, and the unceasing battle for love to triumph.

The tale follows a hopeful Fiona Finnegan, a worker in a tea factory, who aspires to own a shop one day, together with her lifelong love and best friend, Joe Bristow, a costermonger’s son. Fiona and Joe struggle with nothing but their indomitable faith for each other to keep their spirits high and dreams alive.

Every dream is not without trials and tribulations though. Fiona’s plans are disturbed when a horrific man force’s her hand to flee to New York and leave her lover behind. No matter how far she runs, ghosts of her past never cease haunting and cannot be silenced…

After several days of smiling, laughing, and crying your way through this book you’ll be glad you took that whim by reading it. It will quickly be added to your bookshelf of favourites and have you reaching for the next two instalments.