The Torch by Peter Twohig

This is the sequel to Twohig’s The Cartographer, which I enjoyed but wasn’t convinced, The Torch however I loved.

Set in the early 1960’s in a fictional Richmond, Melbourne  – my home town and I do like to read novel set in places I have lived and/or loved. The story is narrated by a 12 year old boy, he is wonderfully naïve but extraordinarily street savvy! Young Blayney’s family are the modern day Underbelly and everyone knows about them and their doings. Blayney is a self-claimed super hero and is trying to protect a young pyromaniac who has dubbed himself The Torch (Blayney calls him Flame Boy). The Torch has something that a number of other people want and Blayney is determined that the right people get it, although he isn’t quite sure who the right people are!


As an aside this book meets three criteria in the 2015 readers challenge; written by an Australian author, has a quest narrative and has a mystery plet.