Best of Bleach* reads

Welcome to our next Readers’ season!

And it’s the season for all things coastal – surf, sun. sand, relaxing by the beach and enjoying the long days and casual lifestyle that we have on the Gold Coast.

Today marks the start of the fabulous explosion of music, film, performance and more that is the Bleach* Festival. Check out the program, and if you’re on the Coast, get out there and get into it.

Keep an eye out for the Bleach* ants (they get into everything) and, apparently, we’re to also watch out for a 10 foot long moving mullet!

City Libraries are joining the fun, until the 22nd, by celebrating the best books to read for the best Bleach* buzz.

Have you checked out our recommendations?

We’re also hosting three great events – tomorrow’s Write the waves writing workshop with surf writer Tim Baker will be at Elanora Branch Library from 10am – noon. Book your place online.

Tell us what you’re reading, or what you’d like to be reading, by the beach.