The Luminaries

The-Luminaries-by-Eleanor-CattonThe Luminaries by Eleanor Catton is an amazing book, very well written and displaying great imagination. The many characters are introduced, one at a time, by a writer with a profound insight into the varieties of human nature so the readers soon empathise with them.

She depcits life as it was lived by prospectors during the Gold Rush in New Zealand and the harsh conditions they were prepared to endure in their lust for easy wealth. The plot is convoluted, however, it is overly dependent on coincidences so that eventually it becomes implausible and the characters behave in a manner which is simply not credible.

Eleanor Catton has an immense talent and writes in a fluid, easy to read style. This is only her second novel and we look forward eagerly to her next one.

Read and reviewed by Mary from the Helensvale Library Book Club.

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