Aspire : discovering your purpose through the power of words

Aspire : discovering your purpose through the power of words by Kevin Hall.

Communication is one of life’s true necessities – without it the human race would not survive. We live our lives through the words we choose to use.  In our relationships with other people, both family and friends, and in business and at work, we use words to comfort, influence, persuade, or enlighten. Words have great power (as Stephen R. Covey says in the introduction) to “sell or repel, lead or impede, heal or kill, and create success or distress”. Words shape our thoughts and beliefs, and can make or break a situation.

Aspire uses eleven key words – plus one ‘secret word’ –  as chapter headings and themes from which the author shows the origins of words and their relationship to other words, revealing their hidden or deeper meaning… and the power of language to transform your life. The chapters are illustrated with many true-life anecdotes which breath life and interest into words such as empathy, coach, inspire, passion and integrity.

Kevin Hall is a business consultant, speaker and coach for whom words are an important part of work and life. He will inspire you to enlarge your vocabulary and enrich your life. I have always been fascinated by the way certain words can be used to create mind-pictures, vision or emotion, so I found this book both entertaining and interesting.

Aspire is available both in a hard-copy book and as an eAudiobook.