Winter of the World

Winter of the World by Ken Follett. Post by Robyn55.

I should title this review “How could I not have known!” Ken Follett had been mentioned to me as someone who wrote good books but for some reason I paid no attention – until this Christmas… Looking for a hefty read to allow me to mainly ignore the festivities I came across part 2 of a 3 part trilogy Winter of the world. So, basically I started to read this book because it was big – huge in fact at 800+ pages, and a cast of thousands.

This is a fictional account of the rise and fall of the Nazi invasion of Europe and it is enthralling. Too often the bare historical facts of an event do not allow us to fully realise the impact an event has on the people experiencing it. Books like Winter of the World draw us into the lives of the people who lived through this horrific time in history. It is not real, of course, but Follett draws on real historical events, such as the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the persecution of the Jewish people to paint a realistic picture.

There is a large cast to this mammoth novel but it is not difficult to keep track of who’s who, and there is a list of characters in the front of the book. Follett also refers to several real people such as Hitler, Churchill, and Harry Truman. I just love these types of novels – not fact, but hardly fiction either. They give us a wonderful peek into a world most of us have only second hand knowledge of. You will probably forget you are reading about people who are not real – it’s that good. Then again, these people do represent real people who endured dreadful hardship under the Nazi’s. As I have already told you what the book is about, WWII is no surprise and a wonderful read.

This incredible author has written 800+ enthralling and intelligently written pages – I can’t wait to read some more of his wonderful works…and there are many! Winter of the World is part 2 of the saga following the same family, but it does stand alone. Probably it would be better to read them in sequence, however.