March Online ebook club – Hypocrites’ Isle by Ken McClure

Hypocrites' isleThis month we’re heading back to fiction with thought-provoking thriller Hypocrites’ Isle.

Dr Frank Simmons works in the University of Edinburgh’s medical school. One of his PhD students, Gavin, makes a breakthrough in the cure for cancer and no one seems to be interested. This disinterest soon turns to open warfare as Gavin’s work is sabotaged and a sad paradox is revealed – the cancer research institute can only justify its existence by not curing the disease.

Here are some discussion questions to get you started:

1. What are some of the central themes of the novel? Do you think they are well portrayed?

2. This is a work of fiction. Do you think any of the ideas are grounded in fact?

3. Can you see both sides of the medical paradox?

4. Was there a particular chapter or section of the book you found particularly engaging?

5. Did the book encourage you to think about wider issues in the medical industry?

You can download this month’s ebook from One Click Digital. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.