April online ebook club – The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do

The Happiest RefugeeThis month we’re reading The Happiest Refugee, Comedian Anh Do’s very memoir about growing up in Australia as a refugee from Vietnam. Anh Do and his family fled war-torn Vietnam on an overcrowded boat when he was 2 years old. On arrival in Australia the family worked hard to make ends meet while adjusting to their new life. When Anh was 13, his father left his mother and this loss was felt deeply. Despite this the family maintained their sense of humour and Anh went onto graduate university with a law degree and become one of Australia’s most popular Comedians.

Here are some discussion questions to get the conversation started:

1. What do you think of Anh Do’s relationship with his mother and father? How are they portrayed and how much impact did they have on him?

2. How much do you think comedy was used as a coping mechanism in Anh’s life?

3. Anh tells a story about an early gig at an RSL club. What does his experience tell you about overcoming racism in Australia?

4. Was there anything that surprised you about the book?

5. Did Anh’s story change your perspective in any way?

You can download this month’s ebook from Overdrive. I look forward to hearing what you think.