Revenge of the Reds

Red Rising

I read Red Rising which is the first book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy a few months ago and have just finished devouring the second book Golden Son Red Rising was published in 2014 and Golden Son in 2015. I’m hoping that Pierce is putting in some extra long writing days as I’d really like him to finish the trilogy this year rather than making me wait until 2016.

Red Rising is set on Mars hundreds of years in the future. The first colonists escaping from a ravaged and war torn Earth created a tightly controlled and structured multi-coloured coded society based on a hierarchy of labour. This is a land where Golds are rulers and Reds are the unskilled labour at the bottom of the heap. For centuries they have toiled underground in slave like conditions with the promise of a better life in the future. Darrow, a young Red Helldiver, discovers the depth of deception and manipulation of the Golds after the tragic death of his wife EO.  Events conspire to lead him to The Sons of Ares’ a rebel group whose plan is to turn Darrow into a Gold who will rise to a position of power and destroy the society from within. Darrow’s role is one of pain, danger and the inner turmoil and loneliness that comes with the depth of deception that he must practice in his pursuit to help his people.

There is a ton of action, destruction, power, friendship, loyalty and twists and turns aplenty.  There is also a movie in the pipeline as the rights were sold in 2014 with Marc Foster of Monster’s Ball and Quantum of Solace fame to direct.

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